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Big Kids

Big Kids

Big Kids

Big Kids

Big Kids is an exciting and inspiring Sunday morning programme for children.

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Big Kids is an exciting and inspiring Sunday morning programme for children.

With big games, big stories, crazy big object lessons, music and dance, using media production material that's packed with hilarious and funny personalities; it's sure to keep your kids engaged and coming back week after week!

Who’s it For?

It’s for anyone aged 5-12s (year 1 to 7) and runs from 10:50am to 12:00pm every Sunday following the school term timetable at KingsHeart Church, 262 Pettits Lane North, Romford, RM1 4PJ.

The Programme

The curriculum from Hillsongs is packed full of bible-based teaching and gives children tools to apply what they learn to their everyday life. It seeks to unpack life-applicable values such as kindness, forgiveness and self-worth in a fun, friendly and safe environment.



Child Protection

The safety of your children is incredibly important to us. All of our leaders are DBS checked and every child is registered at the beginning and signed out at the end of each event.  We also don’t let any children wander alone in the building. You can read our full child protection policy at


Volunteering can make a real difference to your own life and the lives of those around you. We want to ensure that anyone thinking about giving their time can find a volunteering opportunity which is right for them. If you’re interested in getting involved please feel out the form below and we will get back to you.

Contact Info

We are a friendly bunch and very happy to help with any enquires you might have. Our details are below:

Location: the Sport hall @  Kings Heart Church, 262 Pettits Lane North, Romford, RM1 4PJ.

Boot Camp

Want to get involved in a pioneering youth mentoring project at KingsHeart? Meet people and make a real difference?

If you’re a young person aged 13+ and you’re interested in exciting opportunities to develop skills from drama, dance, teaching and communication - this is the place for you! We kick off at 7:30am on Monday nights in the main hall and ends it 9pm. The evening starts with a big welcome, ice breaker and short inspirational thought before we breakout into groups at 8:05pm.

This usually evolves around:

  • Drama,
  • Object lessons,
  •  Story telling,
  • Dance & singing,

But who knows… you could even end up starring in a short video!

You’ll be equipped to take the torch forward in running the Big Kids curriculum in an exciting and supportive environment. We then wrap it up at the end of the night and checkout what we've alll been working on! Its positive, inspiring, fun and design to take you to the next level.

What to get involved?

We would love to hear from you, so get in touch!

Location: the Main hall @  Kings Heart Church, 262 Pettits Lane North, Romford, RM1 4PJ.

Find us

KingsHeart Church
Rise Park Centre
262 Pettits Lane North
Romford, RM1 4PJ

Join us on Sundays

From 10.30am–12noon
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