What's really happening?

Sometimes we have no idea what is really happening in the world. We have TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines and the Internet as our sources of news and information. In fact there is information overload!

How do we know the information is accurate and even if it is how do we assess its importance?

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Mary Lindow-  14/6/98

Here is a Prophetic Word from 1998 - This is coming true!

Now it begins, now it will start, each one of you will do what’s in your heart.  Now it begins, now it will start, for I see an igniting of flames and of fire.  There’s a fire breaking out in the season of blessing, there’s a fire in the heavens, it’s coming to you.  Nothing will ever be the same again; my anointing is breaking through.  You will see the lame and the blind be healed, you will see the deaf and the dumb be healed and you will say upon the Lord’s day: “This is the place we belong, yes, this is the place we belong.”

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